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infoAre you wondering why you can’t get that call back? Are you struggling to find monologues? Is your acting “too big” for camera auditions? Let me help you!

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Too many times have I had students email or call me on a Friday to say “I have an audition on Monday. Can you help me get a monologue together?” That is not enough time and certainly not the way to prepare monologues! Choosing a monologue is very personal and if a coach or teacher doesn’t know you very well they cannot possibly help you until they meet with you. It can be done – but that is the stressed out way to do it and you probably won’t perform well under all that pressure! Don’t wait for that once in a life time audition-with-a-monologue just to blow it because you are not prepared! Many actors also use one monologue as their war horse for all auditions. One monologue cannot do the job for all auditions. I can help build your collection of audition monologues that will show off who you are as an actor and fine tune the ones you are already working on.

THEATER SCENES – learn how to make better and more specific choices, raise the stakes and take exciting chances with your audition sides.


Auditioning and working in front of the camera is a totally different experience than working on the stage. Whether you need more practice in front of the camera or have up-coming auditions for films, t.v. shows (night time drama and comedy episodics), commercials, webisodes or even college student films, I can help perfect your auditions for the camera. There are certain techniques that actors need to know in order to make every audition in front of the camera count. You don’t have to book every job, but you do have to make the casting director or director take notice so that they will bring you in again and again until the right role comes along! I use a camera to shoot the auditions (many teachers do not actually use a camera during their coaching sessions – which is no use to the student). I then, critique their work while I playback their performances so that the student can make adjustments quickly and their choices more specific.


Many actors who have been in the business a while do not want to share their info! I get it! I was at the beginning of my career at one time, but I had a manager and an agent to help guide me. If you need advice on how to begin your career, or to start setting goals so that you will become more motivated I have done many work shops on The Business of Acting. I sit down with each student/actor and map out a plan answering such questions as: How do I get an agent, getting headshots taken- choosing the right photographer for you, building up your resume, which acting classes do I take and where, what are “pay to play” classes, what are showcases and should I do one, what’s the difference between a manager and an agent, does it matter that I have an accent- and any other questions you may have. Getting the wrong information from someone who really doesn’t know enough about the business will only waste your time and money. And if I don’t know the answer I have a network of people who do!

For over 20 years I have been teaching acting technique and scene study for the theater (Methodologies: Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner and Stella Adler), on-camera auditioning for tv and film, auditioning for commercials, situation comedy and soap opera scene work (shot with 3 cameras), and “The Business of Acting” Workshops. I am currently teaching at the Caymichael Patten studios in New York City and have taught at the Stonestreet Film and Television School (connected to New York University), and TVI Actor’s Studio (NYC).

I have been a working actor for over 30 years. My credits include Television: Law and Order (with Chris Noth) All My Children (with Susan Lucci), Guiding Light, One Life To Live, Another World, and Loving. Film: Aspen Extreme (with Peter Berg), Sugar! (not yet released). Theater: Harold Clurman Theatre (NYC), The Ensemble Studio Theater (NYC), Playwrights Horizon (NYC), and Baltimore Center Stage (MD). I have done hundreds of print jobs, industrials and voice overs, as well as almost 170 on-camera principal roles in commercials working with such talented actors as Chris Meloni, Michael Emerson, and Queen Latifah! I have been signed with Abrams Artists Agency in New York City for many years and am a member of SAG-AFTRA and Equity.


  • BA in theatre from SUNY Geneseo
  • 2 year program, Stella Adler Acting Conservatory, NYC
  • Uta Hagen’s Master Class, HB Studios, NYC
  • Deborah Hedwall’s Scene Study Class, Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC
  • Mary McDonnell’s Scene Study (Meisner technique), 2nd Stage Theater Lab, NYC